Article by Inova

As we are approaching higher and higher cases across Europe and the world, we are seeing many businesses revert back to working from home. It has been a long journey with its ups and downs. Working from home can bring benefits and its own challenges. We have developed some tips specifically for managers to support their staff well-being when undergoing this change.

1. Accept emotional ups and downs without labelling people

Employees are likely to experience a wide range of emotions during this transition and whilst working from home. It’s important to be mindful of these and not pose judgement. Some emotions/states people experience may be:
– Frustration
– Resourcefulness
– Irritability
– Contentedness
– Happiness
– Stress

2. Give people a language to talk about stress triggers

Encourage employees to give feedback on stress triggers at work. Allow them to express these and find solutions together. For example:
● “When you text me every hour to see how my work is going it makes me feel panicky and pressurised and I can’t concentrate”
● “What I need is…”
● “I’d prefer it if you would…”

3. Cultivate fun and continue with celebration

What are you celebrating with your colleagues? Make it a habit to celebrate achievements, milestones, team achievements, awards, completing courses/ qualifications…

4. Model strong boundaries

● Create geographical space between work and home
● Establish time boundaries at work and not at work (digital switch offs)
● Challenge the ‘always on’ culture
● Create more fluid concepts of productivity (give people some flexibility)

5. Well-being plans

Lastly, as a manager, share your own wellness action plan with your team. Encourage your team to make their own plans to improve their well-being.