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It’s obvious that feedback is important and it’s been shown to boost productivity, satisfaction, and motivation.

Feedback, on the other hand, does not always work. In some cases, poorly implemented feedback programs might backfire, resulting in inferior subsequent performance. So, what can we do to encourage constructive comments about our company?

The success of any feedback intervention is largely determined by the objective level on which we are focusing. Our objectives are usually linked to real work performance, but this can vary.

The fundamental purpose of feedback intervention is to close the gap between present performance and performance goals. As a result, task-oriented feedback that effectively makes recommendations for improvement will lead to increased motivation and performance. However, feedback that simply focuses on specifics and doesn’t offer clear suggestions for task improvement isn’t very useful.

Furthermore, the issue arises when we shift our attention to the self-level. This type of feedback might be detrimental to our performance by diverting our attention away from the activity at hand. As a result, feedback about your company should be focused on task performance rather than the individual. It should include specific recommendations for how to enhance performance as well as a goal-setting strategy. It should also not provide any comparable data.

Positive or negative feedback can be detrimental to performance, and negative feedback can be especially destructive to persons who have low self-esteem. As a result, it is the responsibility of every employee to discover ways to reduce this.

Your ability to learn from both successful and unsuccessful situations is critical to your progress, and if you are committed to learn from feedback, you are virtually unstoppable.


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