Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The lock down continues and it became very difficult to talk about happiness and especially happiness at work. People want to survive, keep their jobs and see the end of the isolation and finally come back to normality.

But, does the normality exist? Or would we be asked to reinvent the reality and rebuild our world which will no longer be the same. It does not mean that it will be worse, it can be even better but we should start working on that. Creativity can be a smart starting point. We can use the creativity on regular basic and play with it. WE can reinvent our reality, work, jobs, homes and habits. It may be also a time to ponder our planet and sustainability issues.

Let’s change something!

Anybody can be creative and use the creativity in the search for a new meaning and to solve problems. You can unlock your creative potential very easily.

Creativity is important even in everyday life. Daily creativity according to Dewitt Jones (Everyday Creativity) is:

  • Creativity means being able to see the extraordinary in seemingly simple things;
  • Every act can be a creative activity;
  • Creativity depends on how you look;
  • There isn’t one correct answer in creativity;
  • For creative people, difficulties trigger new opportunities;
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes;
  • Break the established rules;
  • Train and improve your techniques.