by Globalnet

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

We all know that optimism influence our health and wellbeing and that learnt helplessness and pessimistic way of explaining weaken our immune system. Moreover, many reasearch conducted during last years confirm that fact.

Optimistic people always find a light side of life and explain their failures in a way that keeps them more happy and keeps their immune system in a better condition. Optimistic people want to fight an illness and they believe that they will recover and finally win even if there is a little chance. They seek for a solution and try not to give up. In this way they are also more keen on listening to the doctor advice and following the treatment. Pesimistic people, on the other hand, very often give up very quickly, they  do not believe in treatment and they think that they are not  able to recover. They feel that they have no influence on the ilness and fate and they end up with a depression.

Another aspect that make optimistic people health in a better state is that they keep closer relations with people which helps a lot in a severe illness. It is crucial to have close relations with at least one person and have that feeling that you can call that person in the middle of the night and ask for help. Pesimistic people often escape from close realations and while problem appears they tend to be passive and avoid contacts with other people.

Our immunal system is closely connected with our brain and when we have hope the brain reacts in a certain way which reflects our psyche. Furthermore, many research show that when a person is in a deep depression her/his brain changes and depression influences our immune system. Depression, a feeling of personal lost and pessimism can influence our immunal system a lot.

Therefore, if pessimism can influence our immunal system it means that pessimism can influence our longlife health. Unfortunatelly, it can. We cannot be 100% sure but definitelly we should try to find a bright side of our life and be optimistic as this makes our life better, our work better, it helps to have  good relations and enjoy the wellbeing.

Based on Martin E.P.Seligman “Optymizmu można się nauczyć