Article by Globalnet

Even though December is dark and cold, it is also a Christmas month and winter holidays. Christmas is a period of fun and playfullness but it can be also stressfull and bring anxiety. Much depends on what we bring with us to work and how we manage with our family life. Moreover, Christmas season is a time that is often spent with your family but many people have to go to work. There are companies in all European countries and public services that require that their employees work during Christmas. The good idea is to enjoy the holiday season and take advantage of employee engagement.

What can a manager do, or employees, to make a happy Christmas atmosphere at work which can motivate employees to work and create a better relations with each others and with a company. It is a perfect moment for celeblations, meetings, parties that build good, informal relations.

Organizing a Christmas party that will give the employees moments of joy is a perfect example of good Christmas practice. Christmas party for all where employees can build informal relations  with just something in the air that brings happiness to many. Sharing a meal , dancing and having a glass of wine with our coworkers can contribute to a longlasting feeling of happiness at work.

Decorating the Office will help in bringing the Christmas atmosphere on regular basis to the Office. There are many studies that show that  people  who walked into a room, office with both holiday smells and music were more likely to evaluate a place, people, and environment more positively than those who were in the same place with one or none of those elements. Christmas decorations influence the wellbing of employees during the whole Christmas period and make the Office more cosy and less stressful.

Exchanging presents between employees is another perfect example of good Christmas practice.  Managers can make a lottery and each employee will draw someone and make a small symbolic gift. Many people are happier spending money on gifts for others rather than spending that money on themselves, so, employees may be willing to go into that activity.  It can be a gift related to a fixed subject or category, like a book, confectionery. Gifts show the way in which you regard a person so It is a way to better  know each others at work.

And last but not least, you may come to work wearing your ugliest Christmas sweater that will help your colleagues feel excited about the season and make them laugh a lot.