The impact of Covid-19 on our ways of life has been unprecedented. At Inova Consultancy, we are still working to provide innovative projects and training, although many of us are now home-based.

It would be easy to shrink back into panic mode and withdraw from life, but this time spent at home could be an excellent moment to be reflective. How can you make the most of this time? This unexpected period could be a great way to build on skills and strengths, so that when you start to get back to normal, you are in a stronger position whatever your circumstances. We are forging ahead with our Happiness@Work Project and we have been conducting a focus group and interviews with employees and managers of microbusinesses.

A few tips on how to positively impact your happiness and satisfaction


TIP 1: Limit news to a couple of times a day

A constant news feed can cause unproductive worry and it is useful to limit negative news stories. Of course tragic things are happening and we don’t want to undermine anyone’s suffering or loss, but we’d like to point out that our brains are primed to focus on and emphasise negative news stories; therefore,  it’s important to find positive news items that can give us hope and that will encourage us to flourish. There is good news out there; some countries are experiencing a return to normal life and normal movement.

Medical advances are making waves in finding treatments: plasma antibody treatments are minimising symptoms enabling severely ill patients to recover from lung problems and persistent coughing within just three days.

There have been numerous drug trials and vaccines are in development to alleviate symptoms.

This is all fabulous news!


TIP 2: Find some structure to your day

It can be easy to slip into unstructured daily life when the routine of work has been removed. However, a regular daily pattern is good for mental and physical health. Build in a walk, a chat with friends stay connected, tun to your hobbies that nourish your sense of self. Develop a routine and stick to it so that you remain productive.


TIP 3: Develop yourself with an eye on the future

This reflective time can be turned to personal development. Here are some resources we like:

Check out the VIA’s strength-based approach and free webinars throughout April with more to come:

Check out this video on staying resilient through challenging times:


Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives!

You know the mantra by now…

If you are interested in taking part in our Happiness at Work Project, check out the website and register your interest.