Article by Inova

It is important to look after yourself and consider the benefits of mindfulness, which can easily be implemented in the summer months. Reasons why mindfulness is so beneficial to mental health and wellbeing:

● It significantly reduces stress and anxiety.
● Stress is a huge factor in causing illness; by managing stress, our health subsequently improves.
● By improving health and wellbeing, people will take less time off work and be more satisfied in their jobs.
● Short activities can have a long-lasting impact.
● Creating a routine of mindfulness can result in more calmness and peace of mind in different aspects of our lives.

By implementing mindfulness into routines when we are less busy, it becomes easier to keep it up when the more stressful times return. How to use this time to reconnect with yourself and feel grounded:

● Take a moment at the same time every day to sit comfortably and focus on breathing. There are many different breathing exercises which are proven to calm people down and make them feel more assured and content.
● Practice writing down thoughts in some form, such as journaling. This helps calm your mind as any worries or stresses seem smaller once they are written down.
● Go for a walk, especially in a calm environment surrounded by nature if possible, and focus on the different sounds you can hear. If you feel your mind drifting to other thoughts, focu on one specific sound and this will help you clear your head.

These tips can help reduce stress by creating a stable routine of mindfulness in your everyday life. It is easier to implement them at a less busy time, and then once the habits have built up and become normal, you will see the benefits of taking time to clear your mind and reflect on your wellbeing.