by Globalnet – Photo by Meriç Dağlı on Unsplash

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence―

It is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter Drucker

In this project we try to search for hapiness and hapiness at work but time is difficult and uncertain and  our consciousness changes because the world changes. Shouldn’t the way people manage the companies change? Do we need a completely new approach to the concept of work and organization in which the happiness may appear?  Frederic Laloux shows how to do it in his book Reinventing Organizations that is considered to be the most influential management book of last years. Reinventing Organizations has inspired thousands of organizations to take a huge leap and incorporate  a totally different set of management principles and practices.

Teal management is a concept  that characterizes a management model in which the level of awareness of the organization’s management is  most decentralized and equal among all members of the organization. It is the situation when every person is responsible for the organization and strongly feels that he or she has to contribute to the common goal.

According to  Frederic Laloux  five colors of organizations are the stages of organization evolution and development:

  • red – where employees are fully dependent on the manager/owner and they feel fear, they are afraid;
  • amber – the hierarchy of the organization is still strong, the organization has  defined rules that must be followed;
  • orange – the hierarchy is more and more dynamic, and the value is effectiveness;
  • green – employees feel more comfortable, they are more and more decision-making, there is democracy and freedom;
  • at the end, least but not last is the fifth color that is teal. The hierarchy disappears completely, everyone is responsible, eployees contribute to the common goal and their tasks and functions performed are more important than positions. Teal organization may be a good starting point to the happiness at work.

If you would like to get more informations on teal organizations go to the page with a interview with the author of “Reinventing Organizations”, Frederic Laloux:

(…)In many ways, I believe this is all just the beginning(…)