The Partners

Partners widely spread across the EU so as to increase the reach and impact of Happiness@Work. They will develop an innovative dual training methodology combining online (Happiness@Work Online Learning Platform) and face-to-face (Happiness Circles™) learning that is fully job transcendent and can therefore be applied in any type of business sector. The programme will be tested over 2 pilots with micro business managers and employees being directly trained across the partnership.
Obelisk believes that strong people make strong organisations; a personalized approach is necessary; development processes of people, teams and organisations are interlinked. That is why we strenghten and connect people and organisations form within to make conscious and sustainable professional choices.
We do this by guidance, training and coaching of organisations, employees and jobseekers.
Inova has specialist and extensive experience in running workshops, training courses and mentoring programmes aimed at supporting career advisers, managers, employees and individuals in meeting their full potential in the workplace. Inova delivers personal development/soft skills development workshops and the innovative training methodology of Mentoring Circles in the UK.

Globalnet sp zoo is an educational institution, a limited-liability company that belongs to the nonformal learning system in Poland and mostly operates in the adult learning field. The company designs, develops, implement e-learning products and software and provide e-learning solutions and services for business sector and education.

EDIT VALUE has 13 years of experience in supporting SME’s in their management challenges providing their clients business consulting services in Strategic Management, Financial Management and Human Resources Management. EDIT VALUE is also invited for workshops and events about entrepreneurship developing a large network with young entrepreneurs start up managers and business partners.

Materahub is working on ICT applied to Cultural sector, managing cultural heritage sites in the UNESCO site of Matera, EU funded project design, management, monitoring, training for public and private bodies to stimulate change and innovation. Materahub supports Creative and Cultural operators to transform their projects into sustainable economic activities.