Article by Edit Value

Several statistics found that happy employees are ten times less likely to take time off sick, are more productive, are more positive and have a better time spirit.

Despite all the problems and the overall situation regarding COVID-19 it doesn’t mean that we can’t have our Christmas and New Year’s celebrations (with adaptations of course) which employees look forward to every year.

Also, as we all know, this year hasn’t been the greatest one for multiple reasons, negatively affecting employment and employee happiness across the companies and that’s why it’s important to keep up some traditions and still find some time to celebrate.

As humans we like to be close to our loved ones specially during this tie of the year so don’t cancel your end of year company celebrations, please. This is a time to bring everyone together and celebrate.

Above you can find some helpful tips for having a Wonderful Christmas and New Year’s celebrations:

  1. Christmas dinner using online platforms. Like almost everything in 2020, there’s a virtual alternative to celebrate special moments
  2. Give employees a Christmas basket with some goodies inside
  3. Send employees a meaningful message or a personalized Christmas cards for their homes. You can, for example, handwrite the messages to have a more personal touch

Coronavirus restrictions keep changing and physical celebrations will have to wait. Therefore, you should try to do something to acknowledge the hard work of your people this year.